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a permanent collection of our quirkiest submissions.

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"The Edge" places the viewer in line at the edge of the world (supposedly). The beyond is nothingness, and everything seems a little disconnected there. Who's holding that skateboard?



The poems are experimental in form – but with a purpose – to push the boundaries of what may be considered poetry.


Image by Joakim Nådell

I love Mobius strips. It continuously breaks my mind that something so weird--an object that has one face, that is technically two dimensional--exists in our 3D world! About Face takes all of this and reimagines it from a fresh new angle: Mobius Strip is now a person with thoughts and feelings and friends and family. By blasting this mathematical object out of the box, it can actually help readers connect better with the information, and maybe feel a little bit of the love I harbor for Mobius strips. 



Plastic men operate in the mini kitchen


I love asemic poetry as I come from it form poetry history form the avant-garde, surrealists, modernists, postmodernists, all the way to now and neo-postmodernism. I remove the barrier of language and use heavy wax pigments to put my inner life onto the page. I always create with a nod to quantum theory and the chaos of everything happening at once - this poem is truer than words can ever limit me to say.


Traditionally, asemic poetry is a vacuum of meaning, which is left for the reader to fill in and interpret. I don't try to put meaning into my work, I don't bring my thinking mind into the creation. This comes from me choosing a constraint of 2 wax pigments in a plastic container and with no other tools but my hands and I investigate the limits of the page, pigments, and their containers and play. 


The meaning of this poem is in your hands - what do you see in it? Who are you in this?

The Blackwater Detective Agency

It’s a short choose-your-own-adventure story; many choices are tangents that return to the main plot, but there are two endings and a swamp.


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A script submission, Still Life tells the story of a dystopian, futuristic art performance.


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This piece was a collaboration with someone I no longer talk to. We addressed each other as A & L. I've removed all of the dear A sections, as we are no longer in touch, so I cannot obtain his permission----though I should add that his contribution is infinitely better than mine. Despite what happened, ours was a pure and happy collaboration, and I want to honor that, so----Awaiting Reply.


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"she'd be" is an erasure of an article from Elle Magazine's October 2019 issue, in which actress Naomi Ackie is being interviewed. This was my first attempt at black out poetry. From this interview, phrases jumped out of the page and I wanted to make a coming-of-age story with love and loss. Like the plot of a movie.


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