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What’s missing from the dictionary? Is there a feeling that isn’t fully captured in one word, or a scenery or sound we can’t describe? Create it!

think #unorthodocs


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Everything was upside down. Gravity made me float; but I could still feel the weight of my anxiety. Did you know that air is denser and sweeter when you breathed with a nose upturned?

Here, the wise man liked to be corrected. 

The words I spoke were not my own, but an ancestor's memory finding purchase on my lips. 


Only now do I understand how terrifying it is to know. Knowledge is paranoia - to know is to not know. The wise man flared his nostrils, bowed down, and faded away. In the fading dusk light his once-vibrant spirit wished away. It flew higher and higher, until it was a speck so small, you could have considered it a star.





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"It takes courage to be your own best friend. It's probably the most important friendship of all."

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