dancing spectres

illustration: visual poem by Michelle Moloney King

title: Plastic men operate in the mini kitchen

by Pascal Dominic Niederhaeuser

february 2021


sudden, agonising awareness of it all, 

of everything.


the sounds, the conversations,

even the colours buzz distantly.

voices like shutters;

all vibrates and hums.

the light’s too bright – the light’s too dim 

i’m zooming out, flickering, 

my physicality achromatising.


for an instant i cling to my reason,

but then i simply surrender; 

embracing you.


amidst the lightless crowd, 

you expose me: a fading reality. 

my heart’s pumping again,

you’re inside of me, filling me up

and i am brim-full—

and warm, again. 

we’re both unreal. 


i dream of soaring through the sky,

dancing on the moon and 

cuddling up in the clouds with you.


Pascal Dominic Niederhaeuser is a poet as well as a student of philosophy and English currently living in Basel. His work—often confessional, experimental and philosophic—has also been published in Tealight Press. You can find him on Twitter as @pdniederhaeuser.

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